What are the most seductive scents you can wear?

What are the most seductive scents you can wear?

Good Morning Beauty, 

I know what scents I love and think are sexy but after some digging I've found out that the experts list a few of the same. 

Science shows that there are some specific notes in fragrances that are an aphrodisiac and it is no accident that our blends are full of them and have everyone asking you what you're wearing. 

Vanilla Vanilla Vanilla...you know it is our fave and not just in the Vanilla Smoulder 01 Parfum but in all of our fragrances, hair, and body products and is so versatile making everyone feel sexy. 

Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Lavender and Cinnamon are other notes that are said to have the alluring power to activate the libido. These scents are so strong on their own and not so appealing, but blended with complimentary scents creates a sexy seductive fragrance. 

Do you love a seductive, youthful or mysterious fragrance?

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