The Best Way To Store Your Fragrances

When it comes to cosmetics there are so many tales of tips and tricks to storing them.

Have you heard the "keep your fragrance in the fridge"? 

Have you seen those pretty bathroom photos with a display of beautiful fragrance bottles? 

I certainly have and I'm here to tell you to avoid both. Keep it simple and store your fragrances like Vanilla Smoulder 01 in a cool dark place if possible or anywhere out of direct sunlight and changing temperatures, like your closet or on display in your bedroom away from the windows. 

Extreme cold, heat, and light can break down the molecules in the precious essential oils that make up your Parfum, adjusting the scent and quality. 

The less your bottle is shaken around is apparently better as to prevent this breakdown as well. 

When it comes to travel, treat yourself to the mini bottle or get your hands on a sample where possible. This way, your favourite parfum will be safe at home maintaining its' quality. 


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