Deciphering Fragrance Quality: What are you paying for?

Deciphering Fragrance Quality: What are you paying for?

Being able to differentiate between different concentrations of fragrances, particularly Parfum and Eau de Toilette, is crucial to understanding what you are paying for.

Parfum, also known as perfume extract or extrait de parfum, is the most concentrated form of fragrance, typically containing 15-40% perfume oil. Due to its high concentration, Parfum offers long-lasting scent retention, making it ideal for special occasions or those who prefer a more potent fragrance experience aka. LUXURY.

On the other hand, Eau de Toilette is a lighter formulation, containing 5-15% perfume oil diluted in alcohol and water. While Eau de Toilette may have a shorter lifespan on the skin compared to Parfum, it offers a more subtle and refreshing scent suitable for everyday wear. This is the composition of most commercial fragrances on the market, unless stated Parfum specifically. 

The distinction between top, middle, and base notes, as well as the differentiation between Parfum and Eau de Toilette, is crucial for fragrance enthusiasts and consumers alike. By unraveling the mystery of fragrance composition and concentration, individuals can make informed choices that align with their preferences and lifestyle. Whether seeking a bold statement scent or a subtle everyday fragrance, understanding these nuances empowers individuals to curate their olfactory journey with confidence and sophistication.

All of Fatima Hughes Studio Fragrances are Parfum, with a concentration of 30%-50% Perfume oil.

One of our main priorities when creating our fragrances was that they were the highest quality possible and on the same level as all the top shelf designers with each scent long lasting and sophisticated smelling. 

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