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The Weekender bottle is just the perfect mini travel size glass bottle. Whether you are having an over-nighter with the man, a weekend getaway or simply just want to have a mini in your bag like we do this 5ml bottle is perfect. 

Who doesn't want to spritz halfway through the day? 

VANILLA SMOULDER is Made In Canada with the highest quality essential oils , designed to smell sexy and sophisticated and linger all day . 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Stephanie Alladin

This perfume legitimately smells like nothing my senses have ever indulged in. I purchase “The Weekender” to try it out and I immediately open the box when it was delivered and sprayed two spritzes and just smelled myself all day. Obsessed is an understatement. It actually somehow smells better and better with each passing hour. Omg it’s magical. Requested the full bottle for Christmas. I really want two. Is that too much to ask for? Lol Thank you Fatima for also delivering to my new address so quickly and making my complete year with this fragrance. Just buy it everyone. The world needs to smell this goodness!

vanessa guidry

This perfume is like nothing else I’ve smelt before, it’s smooth and soft but stays all day. I don’t even think the trial sizes need to be this big because , once people try it once they’ll just be hooked. I ordered a bottle after the first day wearing it and so I can keep this little trial bottle for in my purse and travel!


Really liked the scent of this perfume. Every time I put it on, one of my best friends instantly told me she loved how I smelled!
It's not your every day sweet smelling scent and is definitely one of a kind. The name perfectly describes the scent and has a lot of sex appeal to it!
The only thing I found was the carrier/tube is extremely small for $40 plus tax/shipping so a bit disappointed as it won't last long and the price of the 50ml seems a bit steep as well compared to other celebrity perfumes that are available. However, all in all, great perfume to try!

May cause loss of concentration

I wore the perfume to a recent hair appt and my hair dresser asked what perfume am I wearing as it’s so amazing that she can’t concentrate :)

Yeah - it’s that good…

Simona Johnston
I smell delicious & my partner loves it!

I ordered the small trial size to see if I like the scent - and it hasn't disappointed! I've been wearing it every day since it arrived in the mail, I love the scent, very similar to one of my all time favourite Tom Ford scents.

It's warm and a bit spicy with vanilla scents. I will definitely be buying the bigger bottle!

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