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We Know What To Do, We Just Gotta Do It. Period

August 17, 2022

Hi :)

I started this weeks ago one early morning but didn't post it for whatever reason. Well, the truth is I thought it was lame. Now, at 5:50pm on a Wednesday, it doesn't seem lame at all and I hope it inspires you in some way. xo

It has been a while since I've have written my thoughts. Lately I have so many and so much that I want to share with you. Some of it is old, and some new but all in all, you know the drill...I share what comes to mind and what I experience. 

Ok, so pretty much everything from health to work to relationships and lifestyle, we often know what we need to do it but the challenge is actually just doing it. 

We get in ruts, we lose inspiration and interest and sometimes we are just stubborn. 

My solution to this is, framing whatever it is differently and thinking of different ways to do it depending on what season of life you're in. 

Take water for example, I personally have been very very dehydrated for months I'd say because I am not that active anymore and for whatever reason just don't care to drink boring water. Ya Ya, I know, put citrus or fruit in it. I still don't drink much. After talking to a girlfriend recently she suggested I flavor it with some sort of powder. Previously I would have said no because of any junk that could be in said powder but I remember my sister gave me some of this energy boosting natural powder and WOW has it been a game changer. 

I realized I was super dehydrated because I was started to fill unwell. Water really is a source of vitality and life-instant energy almost. I started drinking litres of coconut water to jumpstart it and then started using the Arbonne powder. 

What I am trying to say is I just had to do it. You can only avoid things you don't want to do for so long. 

I hope this just inspired you to drink your water or make your bed, or clean your desk or have that conversation. Whatever it is that needs your attention and effort, here's your sign. Love you xo 

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