There is only one thing you have for the rest of your life

Good Morning Sugar, 

Are you feeling the shift? Have you noticed you feel different this year so far? I am big time, and I hope you are feeling even 1% better than you did yesterday. 

I did something I never do, meditate in silence. If I do meditate, I love listening to guided tracks, but this morning I woke up 2 hours earlier than I have lately- praise the lord, cuddled my fur child, then sat with my java and started in on my 5 minute journal.

Once that was complete, I felt compelled to put pen to paper on the empty pages at the back for notes, and scribble 1.5 pages. It just spilled out of me and felt amazing. 

That amazing feeling led me to end my notes with "I love you Fatima" and then close my eyes and sit in silence. In that silence I let the thoughts dance through my conciseness for however long, and when I felt ready, I bowed with a smile and whispered to myself "namaste". 

For the past year, I've gotten anxious at the very thought of Monday and the morning of, that thought became real. 

Today, it's not even 7:30am and I'm energized at the thought of you reading this and carry on with this glorious day. 

What came to me this morning is this : There is only one thing you have for the rest of your life. 

That is YOU. 

You"ll have your brain, your skin, your heart, your bones, your body, your thoughts, and your love-for yourself

No matter who you are with, or where you go, what you're doing and how often that may all change, you'll have the same brain, heart, bones, body, thoughts, and ability to love. 

Now that you're reflecting on this, how well are you taking care of those things? That skin on your body will be on your body until your very last day. Your heart will be working in your body until it stops, and what are you doing to keep it healthy and full? 

Is your mind blown yet? Mine was when these thoughts entered my mind. 

We wonder why people take us for granted, but maybe it is the human condition as we take ourselves for granted most of the time. 

Really, ask yourself how much effort you put into yourself. Nobody will love you or take care of you better than you and truthfully, unless you're a baby, it's nobody's responsibility to. 

If you lived 100 years, what would you do to make sure your 100 skin, brain, bones, heart, body, thoughts and ability to give and receive love are healthy and thriving? 

Be good to yourself. Keep Learning.

Look within and listen to what your mind and body are telling you they like and do that. 

Keep your mind in a healthy space. 

Keep your body moving and strong. 

Keep your skin clean, vibrant and youthful. 

Keep your heart fulfilled and warm. 

Keep your thoughts curious and good. 

You will live the rest of your life in this body, take care of it. 

I love you. xo 

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