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September 26, 2022


Good Morning Beauty, 

I hope you are doing well and feeling well. I wanted to share something with you that may be shocking. There are so many buzz words flying around in the beauty and wellness space. You've heard many like "authentic, transparency, self love, clean, sustainable" and so many more. You know what? They're simply that, buzz words. 

They create buzz and get your attention but truthfully, they're bs. Is someone actually being authentic just because they say they are? You wouldn't have to preach your authenticity and remind people of it, if it were true, right? 

A company can claim transparency to get your attention, but who's checking facts? Nobody. 

Since I am now submersed in the beauty space I wanted to share a few things we have all seen and heard. Clean and Natural are words that pretty much anyone can attach to their products even if they aren't. The beauty industry lacks regulations and these are especially newer categories or classifications. 

To make it short, 'clean' simply means Non-Toxic. Clean products can be made with natural ingredients and man-made ingredients, but clean products are supposed to made with ingredients that are not toxic. That's it, that's all. So just because your products aren't plastered with clean stamp, it doesn't mean they aren't. Clean means non-toxic. Simple right.

Natural and organic is a different story. These categories also aren't really regulated but essentially if a product has the USDA Organic seal it must be 95% organic and if it says "made with Organic Ingredients" it must be at least 70% organic.

Now the natural catagory isn't regulated at all. It essentially should mean that the product is formulated using natural, non-toxic ingredients. What percentage we don't know. Some findings say 95% and above and I'd say that is pretty great. 

But think about it, even if a product is synthetic, that doesn't mean it is harmful to you does it? If a product is natural, that also doesn't mean that it is good for you or won't cause a negative reaction.

The best thing would be a product that lists every ingredient and doesn't bulk them together. That way YOU can decide regardless of what buzz word they use to claim their superiority if you'd like to put it on your skin. 

Just like eating, it's a personal thing. Some things you'll care about and some you won't. Some ingredients you may be allergic to and some you won't. You'll stand behind some movements and stay dedicated to them, and some you won't. 

Do what you want, just don't be fooled by the plethora of buzz words created by marketing gurus. 

Now go make your self fabulous and strut through the day. 

Love you xo 

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